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This snorkeling trip is also custom-tailored for different levels of experience. For less experienced snorkelers there is a rescue float available for anyone who gets tired or needs to rest and take a break. Additionally snorkeling vests are available and the boat is always nearby.

Two Cozumel Snorkelers Watching a Large School of Fish

On the other hand, with the Mystic Snorkeling Tour you get:

If you've been searching the web for snorkel trips, you'll already know there are less expensive boat tours available for Cozumel.  But you really get what you pay for! 

For one thing, the cheap tours can't afford to take you to the wonderful southern reefs because gas for the boats adds quite a LOT to the price of the tour.

For another, the bargain tours also make their money by packin' 'em in as much as they can. If don’t mind fins in your face and a tour leader shouting at you with a megaphone, that’s one way to save money.  But don’t count on having a mellow or memorable experience. 

But usually the currents are moderate and no need to worry about them. When you reach the end, the boat picks you up and we move on to a different site.

(LEFT, one of our experienced boat captain keeping an eye on his snorkelers.)

There are always currents off Cozumel but †Rosie and her assistant, Cuchi, are very experienced at reading these. If the drift is strong the day we go out, you will float with the current while the boat follows.

Cozumel Snorkeling Coral heads
Cozumel Coral Seen While Snorkeling

Usually our last stop is Palancar Reef where the depth is 30 feet and you can see small drop offs to 80 feet on the left with some shallower areas. At Palancar you will find mountains of coral and larger forms of sea life. Here we typically snorkel for 30-40 minutes and if weather permits, we can take you out for a peek at the edge of the drop which is around 4000 ft!

Our boat tour will take you to places like The Sky ( El Cielo). This is a very shallow site, a 10 ft deep area which is actually a nursery.At El Cielo you have the chance to see small coral and baby fish and some starfish.  If you are able to snorkel this site we would typically stay about 15-20 minutes. But the length of stay is always determined by the wishes of the group!

This very personalized tour whisks you away from the packed, one-size-fits all trips that are typically offered by the cruiseship lines.  You’ll head south, away from the crowds to  serene spots where you can take your time exploring  Cozumel’s flourishing southernmost reef system.

This is a one-of-a-kind snorkeling tour based on †Rosie Flury's twenty seven years of experience diving and snorkeling the waters of Cozumel. 

"My friends tell me that I am part barracuda (hence my e-mail address--)" says †Rosie.

"It's because I love the water here so much and enjoy sharing it with other people.  One thing I can tell you about my Mystic Snorkeling Tour - you will not be bored.  Promise!"

Cozumel Snorkel Tour Owner

Although shore snorkeling is moderately good on Cozumel,the  most exhilerating and pristine reefs can only be reached by boat.  So if you really want to have the experience of a life time in one of the very best snorkeling locations in the world, consider treating yourself to The Mystic Snorkeling Tour. 

If you take your snorkeling seriously -- or if you want your first try at it to turn out as good as you'd hoped, this is the trip for you!

Cozumel Snorkeling Sight

The snorkeling reefs off Cozumel are dazzling. Steady currents clean the coral and bring nutrients for sea life. Sunlight can penetrate deep below the surface fostering wonderously huge coral formations and showcasing a wide variety of sea-life.

Cozumel's Mystic Snorkeling Tour...

is a magical experience! Vivid turquoise water. Mind-boggling visibility. Healthy coral, sea turtles, a plentitude of tropical fish and more. Cozumel's Mystic Snorkeling Tour is a journey beneath the Mexican Carribbean Sea you'll remember for the rest of your life!

Smiling Cozumel Snorkeler
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Other highlights include the Columbia Shallows, a 25 foot deep site where you will find bigger coral heads and sea life. Here we would typically stay for 30-40 minutes depending on the currents that day.